https://www.huayanpackage.com/contact.html Hua Yan Package & Design Co., Ltd. https://www.huayanpackage.com/images/corpimg.png 2F.-2, No. 438, Yucai Rd., Taiping Dist., Taichung City 41155, Taiwan (R.O.C.) $ 04-2393-9462 Hua Wei Design was founded in 1999. During these years, Hua Wei provided high quality printing production, excellent customer service, good reputation and trust to our partners and customers. We produce all kinds of package and printing service for different production and industries and also export to many countries, such as Europe, America, Australia…etc.In 2016, Hua Yan Package & Design was established, inheriting Hua Wei with 20 years of printing experience, to extend the package manufacture and move into the international market.We are located in Taichung, Taiwan, the global manufacturer center-Asia, with innovation and efficiency. It is much convenient to export your production to any place.Hua Yan is a Client-Oriented manufacturer. To meet with customers’ demands, we have our own box designers and connect with all the process partnership being a complete production line, and then supply the best quality and fast services to our customers. Hua Yan would stay ahead of the competition and be the one of the best choices in the industry. Package is an art. We make it beauty and the production more valuable!
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